My name is Sheina. I’m from Philippines.
I like music. I like business topics. I like playing sports.
I like current events, latest memes, Hollywood news, and sometimes fashion.

I really really like to Travel and TV shows.

I also frequent Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook. If there was a career where I could just pin and earn money I would
love that!

Anyway, this blog won’t contain specific topic. I just installed this because I want to try installing WordPress.
I’m a programmer by profession, that’s why. Another reason is that, I can’t organize my thoughts. I know
I have a lot to say. I think a lot every time but writing isn’t one of my strong suits.

So based on that, you know why this blog looks the way it is. Don’t expect anything about cooking.


Sheina Vi Paclibar
Sheina Vi Paclibar

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